How to acces last year AMCAS?

Hey guys,

does anyone know how to acces last year AMCAS - that is 2007? Now when you go to their website they only have a link to 2008 application.



I think when you access this year’s application, some of the info from last year’s will populate for you. Maybe. Not sure.

I’m a big help.

Kasia -

You can log in at I bookmarked that page, so that it was easily accessible. Also, you can save a copy of your application on you computer or jump drive so that you don’t have to log in to access the info.


Thank you Amy!


No, Denise is right. You have the option to autopopulate the current year’s application with the previous year’s application. Very, very helpful.

Right, but there are other reasons you may want to access your old one. I look at mine occasionally for GPA stuff and what courses I took when, that kind of thing, because I have no idea where my transcripts are.