How to Approach Depression as a Part of My Personal Statement Story

Hello all,
Quick overview of my backstory. I graduated premed in 2018 and had a solid MCAT score of 513 as well as a decent GPA of 3.71 with a 3.63 math/science GPA. Long story short, I went through two application cycles and received only one interview which did not go well at all. I know after receiving counsel that my main issue was my personal statement. I made many other mistakes in my previous applications as well that I now have a much better idea of how to correct. I am currently leaning towards a DIY post-bacc and moving on from there.
My current issue I am facing is how to best address the three unintended gap years I have had since graduating. Outside my paid fulltime job as an EMT, which I have done for 7 years now, I did not do any shadowing, volunteering, or clinical hours of any kind during those three years. The main reason for this was a temporary lack of motivation; I suffered from serious depression during this gap as I had more free time than I ever had before and began to process my abusive childhood. I am in a much better place now and ready to get back to my journey to become a physician. However, I am not sure of the best way to approach discussing this period of my life in my personal statement. I know Dr. Gray often speaks about the importance of telling your story and I think this is a major part of mine, so I believe it should be included. I’m just not certain how to frame it in the right light.
Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read and comment, Jon from Ohio.


Hi there, first i want to say that you are very brave just to come forward and be open about this specific issue that’s been hindering your life and career. Regardless of everything you’ve been through the many ups and downs you still have the courage and the strength to keep on pursuing your dream of becoming a physician in spite of the many reasons you may have to give up you still keep fighting for what you want with all your heart. And I believe that you should just be as honest and open to the admission committee the same way you just opened up to us here. There has to be a story behind your resilience of all of these years and I think that if you open your heart to this story it will make a difference in your next application.