How to become a medical scribe

I’m interested in becoming a medical scribe and wanted to know how to become one, I’m having a hard time finding out online.

Is there a specific or more credible programs to go through such as ScribeAmerica?

Do you have to take the certification test before becoming a scribe or can you scribe while still working through training?

Does it matter what company I do training through to become a scribe? Will some hospitals only accept certain scribes from specific training companies?

What may be a good ballpark range for scribe training prices? (I want to make sure the source that I go to does not over charge me for tests and modules)

Thanks in advance, and please answer any part of the questions above!

Hi! I was recently hired as an ED scribe through ScribeAmerica, so I can tell you a little about my experience. I applied online through the ScribeAmerica website at 3-4 locations that I knew were close enough to commute. I had 2 interviews - the first was for private clinics and the second was for an ED.

The interview for the private clinics seemed like they were looking for someone who had a wide open schedule (full-time) - maybe someone who had already been accepted to a professional program and was in their gap year. I was not hired for that one, but the interviewer was very friendly and said she would put me on the wait list.

The ED scribe position seemed like it was geared more towards current students, and I ended up being hired about a week after the interview. There is online and floor training involved after you are hired, at no cost to the employee. They actually pay you for the training. You have to pass everything with 80%, and it does require some studying. Nothing too difficult though, as it’s mostly just memorizing medical terminology. I haven’t started floor training yet, so I can’t give much info on that. All I know is it involves shadowing a chief scribe and gradually taking over responsibilities.

Shifts range from 8-12 hours each, and they ask that you verbally commit to 2 years part-time (2 shifts/week) or 1 year full-time (3 shifts/week). The location where I was hired sets the schedule ahead of time, so they are pretty flexible with class schedules. Pay isn’t much at all, but it’s good clinical experience and can help you get letters of recommendation.

It did, however, take almost 2 months to even get an interview, so my advice would be to apply now to multiple different sites. Might be faster now that it’s spring and more scribes tend to leave during the summer months as they transition to professional school.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for the input, I really appreciate it. This helps a lot!