How to celebrate w/ those who helped me get this far...

Have any of you who have been accepted (this year or in the past) had a party to celebrate your acceptance with those closest to this process?

I have several doctors who mentored me over the last several years, and a bunch of nursing colleagues that are almost as happy for me as I am myself! I would like to find a way to thank them all for their support, without going overboard and spending resources that are about to become much more limited once I’m in school.

Ideas or suggestions? I’m a good cook, and could put together a pretty nice spread. I’m unsure WHERE to have it - my house is not big enough to accomodate this many people.

We had a lot of people to thank, too… we just ended up meeting them individually for dinner here and there (paying, of course), and just taking the time to voice how much we appreciated all their love and support over the last 2 years.

No matter how you do it, the people who have mentored and supported you will love anything you give back! Even if you write thoughtful letters or send flowers or just show up and say it, eye to eye, in a sincere and thoughtful way. People are celebrating with you and your family–they neither expect nor require any kind of formal gift in return! Seeing you succeed is all it takes to make it worth it.