How to document conversations on my app?

I’d love some advice from Dr. Gray or anyone else. I have had several long, intentional conversations with physician colleagues and friends about medicine - what it’s like, their day to day schedules, what they love and find frustrating about with their jobs, their advice, discussing my goals, etc. These conversations have been instrumental in my decision to reapply to med school after 10+ years, and have in some ways functioned the same way shadowing does - these are similar conversations to ones I had with the physicians I shadowed. Is there a good way to document those in the application?

I’m a nurse, so I have a lot of clinical experience both at work and volunteering, but I was premed before I went into nursing. I did some shadowing between 2007 and 2015, but don’t have any more recently. Now that covid is on the decline (hopefully), I think I will be able to fit in some more shadowing time before applying next year, but I’d still like a way to talk about those conversations on my application. I have listened to lots of podcast episodes and browsed forums, but haven’t seen this particular question come up. Thanks to anyone with thoughts on this!