How to find if I have interest in medicine?

Hi Guyz…I have been reading several threads on this site and must say have been quite impressed with your attitude…I am a Computer Programmer and am 28 yrs old… but lately have been considering a change of career coz the no of jobs in the IT field have really dried up lately…Also, over the last few years I have realized that my interest lies in working with people…I am not too sure about medicine but I am definitely considering it as an option…psychology is another option( do have a lot of interest in psychotherapy) …but to be a good professional psychologist it takes probably the same time as to become a doctor…and it still doesn't pay as much as medicine…I do find medicine quite interesting…besides it offers other obvious benefits : job security, money…my major dilemma is…what is the best way to find out whether I have interest in medicine?…I have realized that theory and practical work is so much different…I do find medicine interesting to read and have always loved biology but I don't think I would like to do surgery…I am torn and need some advice…please help!!..How did some of you guyz decide that medicine is all that you wanted to do???

Hey Robert, why not try taking an EMT course and working in that field for awhile, either as a volunteer or as a job? The course runs about 5 months without a huge outlay of money.

If you live around a major academic medical center, you can volunteer through them. They should have volunteer offices that place volunteers in various departments throughout the hospital, so you could choose one or two things you might be interested in.
Also you could try shadowing (following around) a local doctor in your area. They can give you insight their careers and their take on medicine.
Good luck,

...I do find medicine interesting to read and have always loved biology but I don't think I would like to do surgery....I am torn and need some advice.....please help!!...How did some of you guyz decide that medicine is all that you wanted to do???

Hi Robert,
Many are born knowing that one day they will don the white coat and stethoscope and tell patients to say aaahhhhhhh, while others find their calling to medicine through a medical encounter that literally change their lives. Yet, there are many ways that one can help and/or be of service to others. The trick is to find out in what way you can provide such service and still gain personal satisfaction from helping your fellow man (or woman or people tongue.gif ). Hence, your dilemma. It sounds as if your quandary lies in whether or not you'd like clinical medicine. If this is the case then I agree whole-heartedly with Tara and BACMEDIC. Volunteering, whether in a hospital, clinic, or shadowing a physician in private practice is a great way to find out the many aspects of medicine and whether or not it is right for you.
And you need not commit yourself to surgery. There are many disciplines in medicine that may peak your interests. Volunteer at your local hospital and (if possible) float around and talk to the health care workers there in various departments. I am quite sure you will be able to gain insight to the medical field and all it has to offer.
Good Luck and welcome aboard.

You seem attuned to making money in the position you are in. Money is good because it enables us to live in comfort and freedom. Comfort and freedom are necessarily things that will be out the door in becoming a doctor. You will have to give up a lot, both time wise and money wise. If you want to make a lot of money, I would look at executive and MBA programs. This field seems like it would cross over into IT pretty well.
Another point you bring up is the job market. The job market, as it stands, is a symptom of the general malaise of our economy. If economic and political realities disturb you, the LAST place you want to be is working in a hospital where issues of patient insurance and malpractice insurance run rampant. My stepfather, who lives in West Virginia, stopped practicing because of the inanities of Medicare/medicaid and the difficulty of getting malpractice in that state.
These problems will probably not get better as our population ages and as our president continues to cut funding for, among other things, aid to rural healthcare resources. I am glad that this is my first post on this forum, because it showcases my cynicism and pretension well. I hope it sheds some light on your situation. blink.gif

Hi Robert,
I found out medicine is what I would want to do not simply because of one thing or experience. Some may have that experience but for me, it was a collection of factors that included my personality, interests, likes and dislikes, talents, experiences, and where I like to see myself ten, twenty years down the road. It's obvious that it is important to be honest with yourself. As with any profession, medicine as a career also has its negatives and those negatives could potentially cause an unhealthy amount of disatisfaction later. Ask yourself if you will be happy as a doctor even if you have deal with the bad. The same things can probably be applied to which specialty you're thinking about. Volunteering and shadowing doctors will give you insight but also talk to the doctors. There always seems to be issues in every profession that only those in the profession actually know about them. Best wishes to you.