How to Handle different opinions on your PS

Finally got the PS done, and am trying to follow the advice of having many different people read it over.
So, the question, for those of you who have done this already, is how do you incorporate the different opinions you get on your PS? Obviously, if multiple people make comments on a specific part, it’s a good idea to reconsider that section. But, if different people comment on different sections - then what? Should I just go with my own gut feeling on whether or not the section stays?
Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated!
PS- If there are any of you out there with experience at reading PS’s from the adcom point of view and are just dying (or even moderately willing) to read and critique yet another one, let me know!!

I suspect that the old English saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” can hold true in this case. I’d immediately correct any errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling that were pointed out to me.
A friend of mine asked me to read her PS, and when I suggested changes I also wrote a note explaining why I thought the change was necessary.
I’d request the same from anyone who read your PS lest differences in writing styles end up make the end result seem like the product of essay by committee.

I agree with Boeing about too many opinions. Unfortunately, Rachel in DC’s suggestion to get a beta group together to critique essays didn’t get off the ground, so OPM doesn’t currently have an essay reading/critiquing service. Definitely make sure the grammar, punctuation, etc is fine and that the PS conveys your passion for medicine and the route you took to get there. Good luck,