how to prep for SHELF EXAM?

Ok - four finals down and one to go… a shelf exam in microbiololgy. having never taken one of these before (and given its heavy weight in the course grade), i was wondering if you all might have suggestions as to how to prepare (with one day to go). does one just do practice questions out of a BRS book? read a textbook? are there old shelf exams on the internet somewhere?
thanks all,

I never had to take any basic science subject shelf exams, but I did take the cummulative basic science shelf (in preparation for step I) and I’ve now taken three clinical science shelf exams.
I’ve found the best way to study for the exam is by doing test questions. The ones in the back of the BRS subject books are fine. See if there are any PreTest books on the BS topics. Those rock for the CS topics. I also liked the Board Simulator exam books for Step I. They are divided into subjects so you can find the one for, say, microbiology and just do that.
Keep in mind, however, that while these books are the best way to study for the exam, IMHO, they are not the best way to learn the material. I’m a big fan of the BRS review books coupled with your textbooks and lecture notes.
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Jeff Jarvis