How to Prepare for Post-Bacc?

Hi all – I am new to this board and wanted to run a question by you all.

I graduated from college in 1997. In college I took two semesters of chem, one of organic chem, one of bio (I was also a lab assistant), two of physics, and one of math. I had an A- average.

I realize that that was 12 years ago. Will I need to take all of those courses again in a post-bacc program?

Also, are there any other steps I should take to qualify for the post-bacc, such as refresher courses (if they exist) or volunteering?

Any help would be much appreciated. Reading all of your comments has been very inspiring.

I’m not sure exactly what to tell you, but I can tell you what I did. I had 5 years between college and post-bacc. I used NONE of my undergrad degree in math in my post-undergrad career (was in the Army). I felt very comfortable with physics so I did not retake it and the Kaplan review for the MCAT was just fine in prepping/refreshing me for what I needed for the MCAT.

However, I had not ever taken organic chemistry and was very nervous and while I did fine in undergrad chemistry I and II, I was not comfortable taking organic without retaking basic chemistry. I was very glad that I did and did well in both chemistry and organic chem (took chemistry I and II in mini-mesters during the summer before orgo in the fall).

Also, never had biology, so I took the basic bio I plus anatomy to comprise my two semesters of biology.

So, I guess my point is, that I retook what I was not comfortable with and did not retake what I was comfortable. That being said, you may need to retake many/all of them as many med schools have age limits on undergrad pre-requisite courses (not the entire degree, just the pre-reqs).

Hope this helps, Tara

Thanks much, Tara, that is helpful.

Do you remember how you chose to take that route? Did you consult with an adviser at your postbacc institution before you enrolled, or did you jump right in?

My husband and I were moving to the Baltimore area. There were only two post-bacc programs at that time (Towson Univ and Goucher College). I chose Towson as I felt most comfortable there when I interviewed and it was actually my advisor there who recommended that route. I should add that in addition to my major in mathematical science, my minor was in nuclear engineering (not as hard as it sounds) so I had had LOTS of physics. Towson was also much cheaper than Goucher ($7500 vs $20k+). Also the vast majority of Goucher’s postbacc were in their mid-20s, having taken a year or two off for things like the Peace Corps, travel, etc, so I felt Towson was smaller and could tailor a program to meet my needs. Both programs were formal programs and I am someone who definitely needs organization and a level of regimentation in my life.

Unfortunately, Towson Univ has ended its post-bacc program. My guess is that enrollment decreased after Hopkins started its program.

Hope this helps. Fire away with any questions you have. It’s been awhile since I thought about some of these things, so I may not think to say somethings upfront.