How to Re-Learn Everything



31 years old.

BS in Biology. 3.8 GPA.

Currently Successful IT Professional (>100K/year)

Was accepted to medical school in 1998. Decided not to go. Have regretted it every since.

Now I need to re-obtain:

  • All knowledge that I have forgotten (Bio, Calc, Physics, etc..)
  • MCAT
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Volunteer Activities (Current)

How should I prepare for the MCAT? Should I go back to school? Study books only? Take Kaplan Class? Should I stop working full time? I would have to use my savings to do that but I would be able to dedicate my time 100% to prep.

I feel that I can't learn fast enough! I realize this will take time and I must pace myself.

I would love to hear some advice/suggestions. Please respond.

Thanks! Jake.

About School: Call the medical schools and ask if you have to retake your pre-reqs again. If you do not then you can concentrate on your MCAT.

As for relearning the material, it took me 2.5 years to relearn the material for the MCAT. However, once you start doing it, it comes right back to you. Kind of like riding a bike.

Make a to do list and start from there.

Good luck and welcome.

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I feel that I can't learn fast enough! I realize this will take time and I must pace myself.

One of the biggest mistakes that non-trads make is to feel rushed to make up for lost times. Many students fall and stumble. So take a breath and follow Gabe's suggestion. Contact schools that and ask what their position on length of pre-reqs. Schools vary greatly in this. I have seen a school state on their website courses no longer than 5 years are acceptable and at the opposite end I have spoken to people who's pre-reqs were 10 years plus.

In you graduated in 1998, you took general bio in 1994 so that course is 15 years old. That is one area where info has changed alot.

So from one from one IT guy to another, gather info, specify requirements, make plan, and implement.