How to Rewrite PS as reapplicant and non-trad

BLUF: How to I change my personal statement when I don’t have any new stories?

Hello. I am likely going to be a re-applicant. I am wondering how I change my personal statement and application as a whole in a way that is meaningful. During Covid, I haven’t really had a chance to do anything but take master level courses, a very small amount of research and volunteer at a food bank so I don’t have really any new stories to add to my PS. I applied to four schools this year and got two interviews and was waitlisted both places. I would have for sure got into one of the schools but they require a medical clearance that I cannot get right now. The only thing that I see hindering my application is that I applied a little late. I submitted June 26 but wasn’t verified until Aug 6.

Hello! You need to compose your personal statement from a different angle even though your life experiences have not changed, such as new revelations, new resolutions, new thoughts…e.g, you can expand your experience at a Food Bank. How is your experience at Food Bank during Covid make you a different person? How do people’s daily struggles during Covid inspire you to become a doctor? Meantime, we are an expert in admissions consulting and many students come for our professional advice when applying for medical schools. Feel free to email us at if you want to learn more!