HPSP Dilemma

Hi All!
I have been a member of this wonderful site for quite some time. I have been, however, somewhat of an interloper. I have finally decided to post. I am having somewhat of a dilemma and would love any advice that can come my way. Since it has been a while since I posted, I will give you a brief bio of myself once again. I am a married 33 year old mother of one. I started my post bac pre-reqs 4 years ago. I applied for med school this year and got in to my fisrt choice, PCOM! I could not be happier! Life at this point could not be better! I also applied for both the Army and Air Force HPSP and was selected as a candidate for the Army program (the results of the AF board willnot be out until this Friday, but it is moot anyways because I had 5 days to sign my Army paperwork). I am 6 years prior enlisted in the Air Force as well. Life has really come together for me over the past 5 months!
My dilemma is this. I have my choice of doing my officer training this year or next. I would love nothing more than to do the training this year. I am really excited about it and would love to get it out of the way. I know MS1 is the only year you have a summer off, and I would like to be able to spend mine with my husband and son. The only problem is that the training is from 15 Jun to 25 July. Since we will be moving (Philly is approx 2 hours away), there is alot to be done. My husband has to find a job, we need to find a place, pack, set our son up in school and move. Do you think it is doable? I am wondering if I can manage to get it all in by August. I am pretty good with time management just not sure if this is feasible. I am only planning on working through the month of April. Then, I would like to take the rest of the summer to get started on all that needs to be done. I am open to any suggestions! Thanks for your ear and suggestions!

I think it depends on when you get started. You can do just about anything that you set your mind to. I think time is only potentially a limiting factor if you let it be.
If you start now, your husband could be sending out resumes, you could be locating housing and schools for your son. I don't know how old he is so I don't know whether it'd be preschool or whatever. Most of the schools/districts have websites and you can view their programs etc on the web. Housing can also be done virtually, as can job searching etc. If you have between now and 6/25 and then from 7/25-8/whatever, I think that's plenty of time to find out what you need to find and get situated. Your husband and your son can hold down the fort while you're in training.
good luck!

Army OBC is a “Gentleman’s Course” meaning that it is pretty much PT in the AM, then 9-5 (for the most part), so if there were any issues that you would need to discuss with your husband, you would have the chance at lunch or in the evening (a cell-phone with nation-wide long distance is a great tool for times like these). Also, if the Army is like the AF, then you will still be required to complete 4 ADT’s, which means that you will have to double up at some time in the future if you wait until next summer to do OBC. You’ve made it this far, so I have faith that you can get most things done before you go and that your husband and son can handle things while you are gone.
Good luck,