Hubby looking for a new masters program

My husband was studying through Capella University, which is apparently the only online accredited university for a masters in psychology? This was the information he assessed in any case, but has had one issue after another and finally took my advice and got out. Now he’s begun the hunt for a new program and the college information packets are arriving daily.

Yesterday came a packet from PCOM addressed to him. I asked him why was it addressed to him and apparently they have a masters in clinical psychology. Then the lighbulb went on in his head and he goes “wait, isn’t that the med school you want to go to?”

Why yes, dear, yes it is. At least we could take the train into the city together during our commute.

Obviously, we are just day dreaming. Neither of us have even applied yet, so everything is still in the air.

Well that would be awesome! I hope it all works out for you guys!