Hugz Aces First Chem Quiz

Trudged my way through the ice land of Hoth (aka Ohio State University main campus) and grabbed my first A on a quiz in Gen Chem today. Looks like doing every single practice problem possible is effective in making the actual quiz seem easy.

Other updates. The OSU Medical Center wasn’t able to place me into a clinical volunteer position this quarter. Spots are limited and there are way more volunteers than positions. I was hoping for a chance to do research in emergency medicine or work in the PICU.

I’ve already filled out an application for the Ohio Health Network since they have several hospitals in the area (including the one I was born in).

Interview on Saturday to volunteer at the Zoo as a docent. Not clinical related at all but I am interested in doing it and it I didn’t want to go the entire quarter without doing any volunteering at all.

Lots of work to do still, I forgot how much work was involved with Chemistry. Lecture, chapter readings, problem sets, lab, pre lab, lab reports, etc. It should be an 8 credit hour class instead of a 5! Oh well … I need to earn my rite of passage and it is definitely interesting.

Cograts!! Only problem is it’s OSU and not UofM! Just kidding, good job. That’s a great motivator for us nontrads to ace test and quizes. Keep it up!!!


Maddux, of course you mean the U of M (as in Minnesota) for there is NO other U of M, right!?

Good for you! That’s what I’ve always been told for chem…work the problems work the problems…it’s been tatooed on my brain I think.

Congratulations! Now go celebrate somehow.

Minnesota has a University? Just kidding, my cousin went there…

congrats on the A!!! keep up the good work - and whatever advice you have to offer, i am sure there are plenty on here who would like to read it…

especially if you find some particular studying method is working well for you.

I find that for Gen Chem, doing every single practice problem at the end of each chapter is effective. My professor instructed on the first day that students who want to get an A in the course will start from problem 1 and work until there are no more problems to do. Most students will just do the suggested 20-30 problems in the syllabus but doing 80 is definitely working to my advantage.

Week 3 in my Gen Chem course covers Avagadro’s Number, Stoichiometry, and Empirical Formulas. These types of problems are basically math/conversion problems so for me it helps to do them over and over again until I can work them in my sleep. I believe this strategy will help me in the future for the MCAT but right now it only needs to serve in step 1 … getting in A in Chem 121.

Good luck with that! I enjoyed stoichiometry. Though, truth be told, the very word sent fear racing through my soul before I started.