Human Physiology or Animal Physiology

Hi All,
I am wondering if someone can tell me which one is more useful for MCAT. The syllabus looks fairly similar and I am supposed to take one or the other.

Human physiology is going to be more useful in the long run and probably for the MCAT.

I would argue that (at least for the purpose of studying for the MCAT) either animal or human physiology are equally useful. Having taken both, (human a&p many years ago, and mammalian a&p very recently) I can tell you they are more similar than different in any of the ways that matter for the MCAT.

I was fascinated by the anatomy portion of the mammalian class, especially when we covered development. I experienced more ‘a-ha!’ moments than I have in a class for a long time. I don’t know for sure, but some schools only teach “Mammalian” anatomy. I suppose it is a matter of economics, and the availability of specimens for dissection in the lab. :wink: