Hurricane Ike

To all of you OPMers out there who have been or will be impacted by hurricane Ike, we wish you all the best of luck & safety. Hunker down & keep your heads out of the breeze.

I had not been following this storm until last night when my wife called my attention to how massive & severe it had become. And, the fact it is headed straight for Houston - my Mom lives NE of Houston less than 100 miles from the coast. We weren’t able to reach her until this morning when we learned she had chosen to follow the Mayor’s advice & ride it out. Unfortunately, she & her husband reside in a mobile home. Needless to say, I am quite worried about their safety. As of 8-ish this morning, their land line still worked but their cell phones could only send/receive text messages, but they still had power.

Again, my sincerest wishes to all of you in harms way.

Thanks. I’m smack in the middle of this thing right now just waiting for it to get really nasty. Hang on Houstonians!

My mom fared very well - only lost a few trees & some minor damage to her home. They are still w/o power & living off of their generator. Fuel is difficult but things are slowly starting to improve. She is underwhelmed by the FEMA response, as are many there. However, her husband has been able to resume working & since she works for the courts and is full-time, coming in is purely voluntary, but they will continue to get paid.

I hope all of the other OPMers in harm’s way fared as well as they did.

Dave, I am so happy things were not worse for your mom. I know it takes a long time to recover from a bad storm. It is hard to understand for those who have not been through it.