I am a dunce

I just ordered some leisure reading off of our lovely recomendations here. The source book maddux recomended as well as Hot Lights, Cold Steel.

The problem is, Amazon defaulted to my original address I had registered under and I didn’t notice it when I placed the order. Now my books are on their way to an address I haven’t lived at in three years.


Oh the silly situations I get myself into. I’m asking a friend from there to contact the current residents for me to divert my books this way.

It happens to all of us. I recently had an order sent to the wrong zip code, so it got bounced around, then back to the sender. Oops!

Current residents said they would call her when my books arrived. So with any luck we will get to do some reading before the semester starts again lol.

I finished Hot Lights, Cold Steel! Awesome book! Next hopefully the library can find “Something for the Pain” for me at one of the branches, if not I may have to buy it…although my SO is getting annoyed at ALLLL the books I have…he keeps telling me to sell some. We are planning a garage sale soon…I guess some books can go in that.

I do believe it may be sacriledge (sp?) to sell off books at a mere yard sale. LOL

T’is what I told my friend when she was planning one. She has amassed quite the collection of classical fantasy. It just seems wrong. lol

I know…I am having a hard time with it! I really love ALL my books. How can I pick which ones go and which ones stay? I love them ALL! It’s like picking favorite pets or shoes or kids! Ok so some of the books I have NO problem giving away because they flat out suck, but what about the good books…I can’t just sell them for 50 measly cents on a yard sale table. Perhaps it will help that my yard sale is not just a mere yard sale but a charity one? Does that make a difference?

btw Susan…how did you change your handle? Did it make you create an entire new profile? Mine is generic? I can be entirely more creative!!!

My suggestion. . . sell the ones you can and give the rest to your public library. You can always visit them there and it will give others a chance to enjoy them as well.

Linda you are pure genius.

What a good idea! I’m donating some of my children’s books to the school for the homeless kids that I volunteer at, because well quite frankly they need them.