I am about to puke

I am taking my first of 2 boards this afternoon. Today is the CS or clinical skills portion of the boards where I will be seeing standardized patients from 2:30pm-9:30pm.

then on friday is the CK, clinical knowledge or written portion. I have been studying my brains out and my practice session (1/2 of a real exam) was not stellar at all. It was a pass, but it is with a very small margin and I am totally freaking out. There are 6 areas that need work. And started working on them right away.

I just need to remember to calm down, calm down, calm down. I should take all of the time alloted to me as there is no extra points for finishing fast.

I guess I am very frightened that I will fail the exam and all of the hard work that I put in during these last 4 years will be in vain and I will be in a ton of debt. Last night I was hard pressed to get a good night’s sleep. Nerves from both exams were not allowing my brain to get some rest.

I have done everything I could to prepare and I have to have faith in myself that I will succeed. Just like the MCAT, I cannot let this exam psych me out. It is a stepping stone to my career. I have the key, which is the knowledge in my head and now I need to open the door.

Thanks for listening.


I am sure you will be fine. For athletes, a study has shown that 60 to 70 % of the performance is in the head and not in the physical condition.

If you can put control your stress (a bit of stress is good, too much will ruin you), you will do just great.

Besides, if your training session is not stellar, it is a very good point for you because you have the opportunity to work on this. It is better than to find out on D-day.

Take a deep breath and you will do just fine.

Good luck.

good luck!!

You will be fine! It had always worked out in the end, so it will be this time.

As others have said, you will do fine. Good luck.

According to pastor Mike Murdock, the battle of life is your mind; the battle of the mind is for forcus. Stay focus and you will get where you need to go. You have come thus far; you are are victor.

Gabe, I hope the CS went well and best wishes with the CK! Don’t get trapped into defeating yourself before you get to the test. Take one question at a time, mark your answer, and move forward. As you know from taking Step 1, the test is grueling. Just focus on one question at a time!

Will be sending good thoughts.

thanks for everyone’s support. I am all done with both exams. Now it is the waiting games to see if the work that I had done paid off. Nothing like 2300 questions, 10 hour library days, and reading nothing but medicine to melt the mind.

i know you did awesome on them both!!!