I am an engineer and i want to do it!

Hello Everyone,

It was a big relief to find this forum, it just has so many inspiring persons and stories and kind of refreshed my hopes.

I am going to be 25 years old very soon, I am a telecommunication engineer from Cairo Egypt, I have this awake dream to be a doctor since high school, but back then engineering school was the practical and best choice available.

God willing i am planning to move to canada or usa in approx 3yrs and i really want to give it a shot to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor.

This is my 3rd year of a full time engineer and thank god my career was always moving forward, i am really good in what i do, but as my career is progressing as this idea of becoming a doctor is haunting me more and more.

After some research and reading here and there, to go to a medical school in canada or usa i have to go through pre reqs then MCAT to get accepted.

If my time plan of moving holds , i will be in the us or canada at the age of 28, so what your recommendations to me, what would be the best possible way to start working on my dream?

through my readings here and going through all those impressive stories, i am confused what will be the best take science courses as part time then prepare to MCAT? or should i do a postbac premed program?

My school was a 5 yrs one and it is the toughest one in Egypt, so although i haven’t done maths and physics since i graduated, i can get back on those easily through the courses.

i believe my weakest points will be org-chem and bio.

I know that my topic might be vague for some, but i will appreciate all ideas, all advices and any feedback .




I guess the best advice would be determine what is required of students who are international. That would be your first task. Then determine what classes you will need according to the school (s) you are interested in attending. You will have to take the MCAT, but may be required to take language equivalency tests also. All of this information is available on the internet for you to research.

Best of luck!


Thanks for your reply Shayla that is so nice from you. Actually my plans of moving to USA or canada will be based on immigration not just travelling to study, like that i won’t be treated as an international student will i be?

Second thing is how can i decide the school of medecine that i want to go to? My plan was to take the pre med courses needed, ace them take the MCAT ace it as well then according to my scores in all that, i was going to see which school would want me, pretty ambitious and out of the planet plan but i can’t think of other ideas, i will just work as hard as i can.

I am bit worried about finances but i think citizens and permanent residents in the country are elligible for financial aid.

Any other advices are welcome.



Other thing to add as well, i am aiming for surgery , yeah i know i have almost impossible dreams , but i hope i can pursue them.