I am Back in school again!!!

Well, after almost a year out of school due to money reasons, I am so happy to be able to get back in school again this semester. Man, I now wish I never screwed around when I had the opportunity for college when I was 18, as I see how hard it is to come up with the money to go back to school this second time around. Anyways, I just wanted to share with you all my enthusiasm to be back in school and to get to talk to everyone here in this great little community again!!

Have a great semester everyone!

I can totally feel your enthusiasm!

Congratulations and good luck to you!!


I’ve been out of school since October 2008. At the time that I started FIU, my wife realized she would not be able to stay in South FL due to financial reasons. My wife and two children moved 6 hours north. I left FIU mid semester. Because of a $4,200.00 balance I had to pay them. Universities will not release transcripts under any circumstances (at least this one won’t) until all balances paid in full. This past year had been tough but I have only $300.00 more to pay and I’m done! I go back to school in the Spring! I can’t wait!!!

Welcome back!

I can completely empathize with you. We went through some difficult money issues ourselves due to the poor economic downturn. I had no choice but to pull out of school to find a 2nd or 3rd shift job to survive, as her income alone was not enough to pay the bills. But after some hardwork and commitment to my goal of wanting to go to med school, we finally got caught up, and I have finally started class again this fall semester for some upper biology course credits to hopefully help cushion my poor undergrad gpa.

Hang in there, you are almost there!!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!! I am very excited to be back!