I am currently a teacher, will that help?

I graduated in 1990, but I have been a high school science educator for the last 18 years. I know that being out so long most medical programs would probably like me to retake some of the courses or take a post bacc program. Any ideas about whether or not they would waive the requirements since I never left academics and have remained familiar with what I learned so long ago? I have taught traditional biology, biology with an environmental focus, 3 levels of chemistry, freshman science which contains 9 weeks of Newtonian physics, brain studies, health, science for the developmentally delayed, and a science class for severely mentally handicapped student.

Thanks, Dane

(I am new to the list and from Chicago. I’m also going to the conference.)

It’s probably best to contact the admissions offices of a couple of schools you’re particularly interested in and ask. It wouldn’t hurt you to re-take college bio, though, since it’s changed quite a bit since you had it last, and you’re probably not teaching it at the level you’ll need in med school.

I think you can get away with skipping the physics at most schools and possibly the gen. chem. Don’t know about organic chemistry. But the key in your case is to ask. Always ask some schools for advice when you have an unusual circumstance.

I’m not sure if your teaching experience will count toward your pre-requisites. Denise’s advice is probably as good as it gets, since anything else would be speculation. The chair of my advisory committee noted my teaching experience, and he suggested that if I had any interest in eventually pursuing a medical faculty position, I should present it in my interviews. He pointed out that quality medical faculty are always in demand. I thought that was a brilliant way to apply my academic experience.

I’m a little late with this post, but contacting the school is your best bet. There are some schools that will not count any science course over 10 years old. I too am a high school science teacher and I can honestly tell you it will be a great benefit to you in your application process. Remember to utilize your school to help with your med school resume. For example, have you tried to start/be the advisor of the pre-med club? You can help the students plan for a big community health fair at the end of the year - inviting several vendors, community physicians/health professionals, even guest speakers from local universities or medical schools.

You can email me (mrs.c.edwards@gmail.com) if you have specific questions! Good Luck!