I am going for it!

Hi, I am 37 and taking my classes towards my BA. I am only a Sophmore, but will work more this coming fall to get done. I have some hiccups to fix and hopefully they don’t hurt me. I have 3 children 13, 11, and 7. My husband is supportive and I am very excited.


Welcome aboard! You will find a great wealth of support and information here. Out of curiousity, what school are you attending??

Best of luck to you!

Thanks for the Welcome! I actually am at a CC now, I know I understand it is not the best. I will take my pre-reqs at the 4 year when I transfer. I am at the CC because I never took the SAT’s, and I was told I have to start there. Anyway, I can go on and on… As for the school, I am at Riverside Community College. I was told I need 60 units in order to transfer to a 4 year. So I have some classes to take. Thanks again for the welcome.

mcs, don’t fret about the CC. A lot of the stuff you’ll read on here about CCs doesn’t apply when you’re in the California system. And honestly, taking the initial college coursework at a CC, then transferring to do the heavy lifting of prereqs and other science courses is fine. You are on track and it sounds like your plan is well thought out. Good luck!



Just as Mary suggested, your doing just fine! I would just suggest, stay focused and do not succumb to burn out. I have seen many people have a burst out of the gate, only to fizzle and though they still have the want and desire, they lose something along the way and their grades slip.

Like so many others here say, this is a marathon and not a race. Remember this as your journey takes off!!

Welcome! It is nice that your husband is so supportive, that’s great! I’m getting married in October and my husband-to-be is behind me 100%. I know support of the spouse is much needed so as to keep the marriage as stable as possible through such a chaotic yet fascinating quest. Keep in touch!