I am introducing myself and blessing all!

Hi, Dear all
I was so excited when I found this website tonight, because I am OLD (25) and also my personal experience is very untraditional !
I am a graduate student studying zebrafish development in a beautiful university located in a southern state. Recently, I have been crazily preparing my manuscripts for a while, and eventually I will submit it to magazine next week. I am so proud of myself no matter this publication will be accepted or not, because I have been working so hard for the last four years in United States since 2002 when I graduated from college and came to United States to pursue my Ph.D. study as an international student.
Just before I will graduate next year with my Ph.D. degree, I am seriously thinking about my career in the future . I decided I want to be a Doctor, medical Doctor. Medical training will accomplish my dream to help people allover the world and also will strongly benefit my biomedical research that I am enjoying in and I will continue in the future.
Of course, my international student background makes it very difficult that I would be accepted by medical schools and also obtain financial aid, scholarships etc, but I will try my best to make this dream to be true.
It is very nice to see everybody today and wish all of you good luck!

There are certainly others here better suited to answer your questions, but I’ll give it a shot.
First, hello, and welcome It sounds like you’re ahead of the game, with a Ph.D. at 25 - I find that impressive.
My understanding is that many, if not all, med schools do accept international students. There may be a few extra hoops to jump through, demonstrating an appropriate background as well as dedication to the field. I’d also imagine you’ll be asked why you want to move from your current Ph.D. studies to an MD or DO program.
Best of luck!