I am too late to apply everything...

Hi all,

30+ years old non-trad here.

I have my apps (DO and MD) ready, but still working on polishing my PS until the MCAT score come back next week. Why so late? cause I wanted to focus on studying while still working more than full time.

I recently approached a few private advisors…they all said with my mediocre GPA and applying that late my apps will be screened out right away, unless i have a 520 mcat. My ECs (7 yrs as allied health professional, 100+ volunteers hrs, research) can’t make up for that and it is not something spectacular to them.

It’s a bit hard to take in but I guess I could wait for next year to apply, but I just want to see if August application to DO school is a bad idea.

Thank you.

I don’t believe it is late for the DO cycle. Or even the MD cycle, really. The DO cycle goes all the way into late November before you can call it late. MD cycle, early to mid September is what I’ve heard.

Thanks. I don’t think I am late at all for DO school but definitely late for MD.

You could have a shot at both, it is just going to depend on where you apply to and what your score looks like. Waiting a year is not going to fix your GPA. I wonder how much your experience in allied health and volunteer experience will stand out. As long as you frame them well and make a good argument about why you are making this career change and why you will be a fantastic doctor and how your experience will help you do that I think you still have a shot. Also consider if you will have the money/energy/time to reapply next year if you are not accepted. Many, many people have to reapply, even people with 4.0 GPA and 520 MCAT scores.

Thank you LilyLily for your response.

Unfortunately my MCAT score came back and it was not the score I expected. I completely BOMBED my verbal (lowest you can ever imagine) . I called up a couple DO schools. They said my experience is helpful and I can still apply this year if I take MCAT January. Actually WVCOM said i can apply as they understand CARS are difficult to ESL student…I came to this country at my mid-20s.

I hate excuses and I believe I can do better. It will take a while though…