I can see the light!

Hey guys!!
I just got an email from Georgetown basically telling me not to email or call because my application is complete!! I sent my transcripts in May. Submitted on the evening of June 3rd (yes before I got my MCAT scores) and turned my secondary around in one week (last week of July). My last letter mailed sometime last week.
So… the moral of this story is…there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! For Georgetown at least…it's completely out of my hands. Surprisingly, I feel very liberated by this. I am usually a control freak, but I feel really good about the fact that I all have to do now is wait.
Any other regular MD AMCAS early birds out there??

Oh yeah, both Theresa and I sent in early and now have interviews woohoo! are you taking the aug mcat? if so goog luck and congrats on having everything processed!!!