I can't stand the waiting!!!

Hi all, It’s been a LONG time since I posted on OPM. I finished my post-bacc and have been employed as a research assistant at my top choice medical school. Oh and I got married in the interim as well. Due to my husband’s career, I’m very limited in my geographic area to attend medical school. Therefore, I tried the very radical move of applying to only 4 schools…and truthfully, there is only one school which would allow me to live with my husband. Otherwise, I am stuck commuting via airplane for the next four years or attempting to transfer. I took the August MCAT and as a result my file really did not get looked at by these schools until December or later. I was on all sorts of pre-interview ranked list or hold lists until most of them stopped offering interviews. However, I did get one interview to my top choice school. I’m supposed to hear from them this Wednesday, but it is killing me. And the worst part, I’m waiting to find out if I am will wait more on the alternate list. This is very upsetting to me.
I know it has been advised to update the school often and express your interest in the school. I’ve already sent an update letter…and if I get on the waitlist, I will send a letter of intent. However, I don’t know how often I can send a letter. I mean, not much changes from week to week. Do people really write a letter every week saying “I’m interested in your school…” “I’m still interested in your school…” “I’d like you to know I’m still very very interested in your school” How many times and different ways can you say the same thing?
Help! I really need to get on this waitlist and then get off before August! Can people please share their strategy for successfully going from waiting to accepted?

I sent letters every month, month and a half saying about that. I also said things like “I wanted to update you on some of what I’ve been doing lately” and attached copies of papers and new letters of reccomendation and that sort of thing.