I don't have a question!

Seriously, I don’t…

I am 15 min new to this site and already I find it a huge source of inspiration. My hats off to all of us fighting for our dreams. This is such a motivation for me.

I was actually trying to find the forum that one posts the “Hello, I’m new…” thread to. Regardless, my name is Julio, and I am slowly chipping away at my pre-reqs for med school. I’m 31 years old and don’t have the luxury of taking classes full time so it will take me a while. I am so looking forward to contributing my knowledge to this website and forum.

Thanks for having me you guys! And glad to be here.

Welcome aboard…I hope you find this site as encouraging and helpful as I have.

Right there with you…33, doing pre-reqs part time…just biting off as much as I can chew. We’ll get there eventually.

Thanks for saying hello–we are glad you’re here!

Hi Julio, and welcome to OPM! As carrieliz said, this is a very helpful and encouraging site, full of information. I know you don’t have a question now, but if you do at some point in the future, don’t be shy to post. And don’t be shy otherwise - keep us updated on your progress, your accomplishments, and your struggles. We’re all in this together!

By the way - I LOVE your signature quotation! Hilarious. I’m taking orgo this coming year, and I will definitely remember it when I’m in the thick of things!

Welcome aboard!!