I feel like I have been in the state of perpetual premed

32 age , 518 mcat, 3.59 gpa ,3.4 s-gpa - Need Advice, I feel like I have terrible application.I always wanted to go to medical school and was wait listed my first go around. I decided to get a graduate degree to bolster my chances and re-took the mcat. Thinking I had a weak application I took a year long fellow-ship. At the end of the fellowship i made a terrible decision and received a DUI. I know it was a stupid decision. I thought that the door had been closed forever. Disheartened, and still trying to figure out how I had made such a terrible decision I let my mcat scores lapse without applying. Fast forward three years later I decide my desire to go to medical school and work the rest of my life in medicine was something that I could not get past. I applied again but waiting for my mcat, my application was complete in October. Needless to say I did not get any interviews. I only applied to allopathic schools. I decided I would apply this cycle, but am unsure if it is a lost cause.