I got an Academic Dishonesty without cheating. I need some advice!

To give some context to the academic dishonesty I need to profess this, I DID NOT CHEAT but I was helping a classmate of mine. To give some background, months leading up to the class in the fall, I was completely heartbroken by my ex-girlfriend of 3 years I fell into this state of depression (Diagnosed by my family physician) I wouldn’t eat, leave my room, I would just stay home and just lay on my bed eat and sleep.

I lost all of my friends it was definitely the lowest point of my entire life. Soon after, I began to see a physiologist, and wow can I say they’re amazing. Forward 5 months I began to talk to a classmate of mine which I happen to begin to crush on after so many months of no contact with anyone besides my parents and physicians, I was craving interaction.

The story is going to be a bit embracing and I know that either way, I was a stupid sophomore in Organic Chemistry 1 and began to get a crush on another classmate of mine, she wasn’t the most studious and struggled in class. I would help her with HW, teach her certain topics she didn’t completely understand, and invariantly helped her on a test after begging me to do so since she didn’t completely understand the topic. She was caught for suspicious activity on her test and eventually told the school I was helping her thinking it would get her out of some of the trouble but that inevitably lead me to get a academic dishonesty. I was also given a failed grade by my Ochem teacher since we were both in the same class. I was able to speak with the dean and arranged a deal that I will not get an F but an EW(Excused Withdraw) from the class.

I understand I was wrong for helping her on the test and there’s no way to justify my action. But I feel like I was in a position of venerability that I never thought was going to catch up with me and don’t know what to do or say. I have been such a studious student to get the GPA I need to get into medical school and now my transcript can’t even be trusted.