I originally went to American International College (Springfield, MA) as a scholarship athlete (baseball) and my grades reflected my “jock” status. I then moved to Florida to play baseball at the University of North Florida, but I never actually played there. I ended up going to a tryout and signing to go to Germany to play. That was an amazing experience. At that point my GPA was 1.67 overall and college was the last thing on my mind. After six months in Germany I moved back to Florida and did odd jobs; car salesman, carpet cleaner, auto detailer, server, I tried them all. I then got a job with a web design company as a copywriter and moved my way up to design/development. A couple of guys from work and I then left the company and started our own web development company. That was great! We had an office, we didn’t make much money, but every day at the office was rewarding because we knew we were working for ourselves. Then September 11th happened and my life was forever changed. I think it was the end of my innocence. That was on Tuesday and on Saturday I was sitting with an Army recruiter getting ready to join. So I joined the Army and they made me a Respiratory Therapist. This was the first time that I had had any kind of academic success. I really enjoyed the material we learned, and the thought of working in the hospital appealed to me. Since leaving the active duty training, I have practiced as an RT in Florida and earned my BS from the University of Central Florida, and somehow improved my GPA to 3.0. I calculated how many hours it would take for me to get to a 3.5 GPA and I would need 350 more hours and all with an “A”. So I knew American Allopathic schools were out so I had foreign MD or American DO. I work with some doctors who went to Ross SOM and I have great respect for them, and Ross had the accelerated Basic Science portion (no summer break), so Ross seemed the best choice for me. This is the only school that I applied to and I am VERY HAPPY that I got accepted. I’m still in shock, but I am excited and ready for May to come. My wife is in Nurse Practitioner school and will not be in Dominica with me which is very unfortunate, but this is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things (Thank You Skype and Magic Jack!).


Congrats on your acceptance to Ross. I think you will find that they are a good school. I especially enjoyed the fifth semester (AICM) in Miami! Best of luck, do well, and study hard for the COMP!!

Thanks! I am very excited to start.

Hi MarcB:

Congratulations from one respiratory therapist to another ! Keep us updated on your progress at Ross! How exciting!

Congratulations. I, too am beginning my professional education next Fall, so I hope to continue meeting you here on OPM. I envy your getting to spend some of your med school time in Dominica. Best of luck to you and your wife. And, last but not at all least, Thank you for your Army service.

Ms Pressley - Thanks! Are you still an RT or are you in med school or doctor? If still an RT, where do you work?

Viceroy - Thanks! Where will you be going to school?

Hi Marc!

I don’t do respiratory full-time, but have worked PRN (up until last April). I had to drop it in order to take classes. I currently work as a system administrator in a hospital in my area. I retook my pre-reqs because I needed prove recent course work in the sciences. Are you working in respiratory now?

Yes, I have been a full-time RT for the last 6 years and I currently work at Florida Hospital East Orlando in Florida.

Hey, Marc. I have been accepted to Oklahoma State COM, and I have at least one more interview to complete after the first of the year.

Many CONGRATS from one old warhorse RT to another. It will be a long & widning road filled with bumps & potholes. On many occasions, you will question your wisdom…even your sanity for having chosen to do this. However, at the end, I am very confident you will feel that it has all been worth it. I am sitting here in MY office – the office of the Medical Director of both Respiratory Care & the Intensive Care and fully able to wallow in my success. But none of that came easy, but damn, it sure is sweet!

One day, you will get to write those, or very similar words…it is more than worth it!

COngrats!!! and good luck on your other interview.

Thanks for the inspiring words! How long were you an RT for before you went to med school? Did your RT training help? Did it have anything to do with your decision to do anesthesia/critical care? I think that is what I want to specialize in, but I have a lot of school left yet.

I’ve been an RT since 1990 - approx 18 years. Predominantly, I spent my time in pedsICU & adultICU. In fact, I left RT to go to med school to become a peds intensivist. Many moons ago, I considered doing CRNA - there are/were at least 2 programs (back then) where an RRT w/ a BS could go straight through a CRNA program. But, no - I did not enter med school even considering anesthesia. However, as my med school required a rotation, I quickly fell in love with it! Having been an ICU-hound for years, the ICU fellowship just naturally fell into place.