I hate to ask too much but I am confused

Ok I keep reading about post-baccalaureate programs before medical school. Will I need to get a bachelors degree then get into a post-baccalaureate program Before applying to and entering medical school?
Just wondering as it would not change my mind either way.

Hey Think,
No, you will not have to go into a post-bac program, but you will need your BS or BA degree. The post-bac program is for those that already have a degree (therefore the post in post-bac), but have been out of school for awhile, or need to improve their GPA.

Oh thanks!

You will in your researching of med schools that actually very few of them formally “require” a BA or BS degree. However, the reality of the situation is that (last stat I saw) less than 3% of the folks that get in do so w/o a BS or BA - so even if not stated up front, it is a de facto requirement.

Don’t ever feel bad about asking a question! Generally you’ll be voicing the same thing that a bunch of other people are also wondering about.
Whether you do post-bacc study in addition to pursuing your bachelor’s degree depends a lot on where you are in your quest for the B.S./B.A. and what you’re doing to get there. If you’re starting out with no or few college credits, acquiring the prerequisite courses for med school as you pursue your degree (in whatever you want) will be fairly simple. If you’re someone who got pretty far in college but didn’t finish, and now you’re close to a degree but still don’t have those prerequisites taken care of, you may get the degree and do the prerequisites afterwards (formal or informal post-bacc study), or you may change your course of study around enough to ensure that you’re able to get the prerequisites taken care of as you complete the work on the degree.
It is easy to see why this would be confusing – because everyone’s situation is different depending on what their educational background is.