I Have a Criminal Record... But

Let me start of by saying - I completely hate what I did and I have done everything in my power to never reiterate it. In December of 2018 I had hit my best friend after I got stressed beyond turning “red” , police were called and I was arrested and charged with a class C felony (aggravated assault) which after my probation ends here in a month will be reduced to a class B misdemeanor (disorderly conduct) and the case will be dismissed, my guilty plea thrown out as well as my record being sealed. I had during that period dropped out of school because that year I did bad (from Aug 2018 to March 2019) but as of this Summer session I transferred to a new school and am back on track to do good in pre-med with better mentality and open mind than before. What I am worried about is how this will effect me. I am set to do good with my GPA, MCAT and extracurriculars as well as just doing decent human community work. Now, once my probation ends like I’ve said, my case will be dismissed, guilty plea is thrown out and my record is sealed, I’m set to be better in school and show that I’m a better human being now than I ever was then. How will this effect me getting into medical school? (By the time I apply it will have been four years since the incident).

Bumpity bump up. Someone help.

The AMCAS application manual outlines what needs to be disclosed. I would also suggest pulling court records and performing a background check on yourself to see what is included. Couple what you find with what the AMCAS application manual regarding what you need to disclose.

In the case you dont need to disclose it and it doesn’t show up on your background check, it shouldn’t make a difference through the app process. If it does need to be included, AMCAS will give you approximately 2 paragraphs to talk about the incident. Reflect on what happened and show how you’ve grown as a result. There isn’t a cookie cutter style rubric for medical school so you never know how ADCOMs will view the occurrence (if at all). Good luck!

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I was in a similar situation but my record was sealed/expunged. If it does not show up on your background check then there should be no reason to discuss it. I would triple check with the AMCAS application manual too. Good luck!

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My record will be sealed as well. I just hope two years and this happening is my redemption. I regret what I did and have been making myself a better person.

Thank you :pray: I will definitely take a look into it!