I have a really stupid question

Since I’m finally gearing up to start classes in two weeks, I’ve been looking over my lists of schools (five MD, five DO) to see what their specific requirements are. Naturally, I know about the math and sciences, and that’s what my focus is going to be on once I’m back in school.

But most of the programs also place a considerable emphasis on literature and composition, and one that I’m especially interested in (University of Iowa) also includes social sciences and humanities.

I know science courses need to be from the last ten years, but do humanities courses? My BA was in English Literature with a double-major in Psychology, so I’ve been down that particular road once, and don’t really want to repeat it unless absolutely necessary.

Am I just overthinking this?

I’m afraid you are going to have to check with each of the individual schools on this one. Some schools don’t place specific restrictions on time since completion. Others are only concerned about how long since you took your BCMP courses. When I went back after 15 years I chose not to retake the first semester of the Gen Chem sequence, b/c I still felt comfortable with the material and had a satisfactory grade from the first time. So, no way around it, this issue is unique to the admissions committee’s opinion from one school to the next.

Just ask. Getting answers to your pertinent questions is a good way to build a rapport with the admins.

Just to concur with the previous reply, you’ll have to check with each school. however, it is much less likely that a school will require you to repeat older non-science courses.