I have to pinch myself !

I made a major faux pas today. For the first time in 28 years I accidentally sent an email intended for my direct supervisor - an MD, to “All Users”. It was my return commentary on the graduation speech given at Yale Med School, which he had sent me. Now EVERYONE I work with knows about my intentions to be a doctor. The Nutritionist literally looked at me in awe and complimented me heavily. She asked how far along in the process I was and I told her " I just finished my first pre-req - Calculus." She was SOO impressed. I realizd this dream is taking form and shape and felt I had to pinch myself to assure myself I am awake and this is real!! What a proud moment…and I am sure there are more to come…Of course I am sure a number of co-workers think I am insane, but at this point, that means nothing. I am on my way!!!

Now that it’s public knowledge, you have to do your best.

Very common psychology trick to let your goals be known so that you stick to them!