I just met my first Sniper!

Well, I’m not sure if she’s a gunner or a sniper.

Anyway, it was my first day at my preceptor’s clinic. There were 4 second year students and we were paired off. My partner and I were about to see a pediatric patient - just then, the sniper (2nd year) ditched her partner and decided to go in with us. My partner and I had never seen a peds patient before - so we were prepping each other before we entered the room. She told us that she never saw a peds patient and didn’t know what to do as well - but walked in the room (before everyone else) and went straight to examining the baby. We were shocked.

After we recovered, my partner and I asked the mother about the history - as the sniper took copious notes. Once the doctor walked in, the sniper presented the case all by herself and insinuated that she did everything - even the history.

The rest of the day consisted of the sniper walking in the patient’s room (even if it was not assigned to her), answering all of the attending’s questions, being at the attending’s beckon call. In the end of the day, it was mostly a conversation between the sniper and the attending while the three of us stood and watched.


sounds like she is going to be hated once she gets into her 3rd year.

Why would someone do that?

Gunner Song

I just had a med school student take my idea and explicit post about the Anesthetist’s Hymn and post it on her blog instead.

Sigh, seriously? Med school student competing with lowly pre-med?

She needs a life apparently. Imagine the link to Gunner Song will fit her as well.

laughing my pants off…