I just reviewed my undergrad transcript... shocked!!!

Hello all, I am new and just decided last week to go to medical school. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember if I took physics. So I registered at my local university to take Physics 1 and 2 and I also ordered a transcript from my alma mater. I knew I didn’t do all that great (3.3), but when I saw my transcript, my jaw dropped! First of all, my gpa went from around 3.3 every fall semester, to 2.9 every sprint semester. I guess I partied a lot, and I was very immature. Furthermore, I got a C- in general bio II ( I also played 2 collegiate sports that semester). I am about to give up on even applying to med school. The bright side is, I did take both required physics, however I’m not sure if I fulfilled the English requirements. I took one semester of an English course, but I took 2 writing courses. They have the prefix WRT and not ENG, do they still count? Also, my last year in college, my gpa for fall was 3.874 and 3.933 in upper level bio and chem courses and an internship and tutorial included in those. And I also did 1 year clinical rotation to be a Laboratory Medical Technologist (worked for 7 years as a med tech) and I’m receiving my masters in health science-medical lab science/biomedical science. My grades are good in grad school except for when I was planning a wedding I got a C in 1 class. Should I even bother applying? Should I take some classes over?