I just thought of something, opinions?

Alright, so I know that volunteering, giving back to the community and stuff of that nature is an important part of an application, but on the other hand, one shouldn’t do something unless they have a genuine interest.

So here’s my question…I just thought of this tonight, I don’t know how feasible it would be but I don’t see why not if I limited it to one class per month so I had plenty of time in the month to do classes that I made money off of, but if I become a SCUBA instructor, what about starting up a non-profit organization as a donation fund of sorts to finance SCUBA dives for people who can’t afford it?

Obviously it’d have to finance them getting certified the first time, but after that, as long as there were funds in there, I could organize SCUBA trips here and there for people who can’t afford it on their own. I don’t see why someone shouldn’t be allowed to explore what’s under the ocean due to financial constraints. I’d be perfectly happy with doing one (maybe two, depends on time) class a month offered at cost (no markup on my part) with the class’s and my expenses (beyond personal expenses I would incur on a normal dive anyway, since I see no reason why I should be compensated for something I would do normally anyway if the purpose is non-profit) covered by the donation fund.

Would this count as volunteering/community service or something else of that nature? Because I’d definitely be interested in doing that!

Yea, I don’t see why not. Non-profit is definitely hard to obtain, but I don’t see why a not-for-profit wouldn’t work for your purpose either.

Let me know if you need help with that one. I’m always in for a dive.

  • anbvian Said:
Yea, I don't see why not. Non-profit is definitely hard to obtain, but I don't see why a not-for-profit wouldn't work for your purpose either.

Let me know if you need help with that one. I'm always in for a dive.

Woot, sounds good to me...I won't mind the help. well, even if it can't get classified as a non-profit organization, is there another way I could classify it so that the donations people send in aren't taxed before they're used to fund the dive trips for the people who can't afford them?

I'd probably be doing this in Florida though, just to warn ya Ashley...I'm moving there after I graduate. Water's much warmer.

I am not all up on the current codes for taxes, but if an individual donates, I do not believe they are taxed. I believe not-for-profit is pretty easy to gain. You have to jump through loopholes for non-profit.

Tim, Florida, excellent. Loved the Keys. Wreak dives are amazing and the wildlife is pretty amazing. You know, I am jealous you got a few dives on break last week, but I am definitely not jealous of the fact that it was in cold water. I’ve been spoiled by warm. Haven’t been to cold since… shorts and a dive skin, if that are best. Palau is at the top of my list, asap.

Tag my own post. If someone else knows more info on tax issues regarding donations or anything of that matter, please speak!