I made a decision

Hello All:

Well I signed up on this site about a week ago, I asked about prestige versus a smaller school. The feed back was helpful and I was seriously learning toward the smaller school. That is until a few days ago when I had a meeting with pivotal person in my course of study at the smaller school. This guy made the hair stand up on the back of neck. Based on the red flags, I am seriously concerned about walking into another academic quagmire. Yesterday I talked to advisors in Molecular and Cell Biology and Celtic Studies at UC Berkeley. I have been waffling about changing my major to Celtic, but what has been holding me back has been, I really like MCB and what the heck am I going to do with Celtic Studies IF I don’t get into med school. But I digress. So after talking to these advisors, both feel I can make a go at a double major. I am going to be in school approx. the same amount of time and taking classes in both keeps me at full time status. Taking a full course of science is way too much. So unless something big happens, it looks like the insane asylum of choice is UC Berkeley. There are many reasons not to stay UCB which I won’t bore you with. But I think I am at peace with this choice. A collective finger crossing should clinch the deal. Yippee!!!

Consider me cross-fingered. You go!

Hey there,
As long as you are studying material that you love, you are going to do well. Celtic studies sounds totally interesting. I keep telling myself (one bachelors in Cell Bio with physics minor and one bachelors in Analytical Chemistry with math minor; graduate degree in Biochemistry with Molecular Biology) that if I were doing this all over again, I would major in American Studies, minor in Spanish and take my pre-med courses.

Right now I feel (I hope)this will be a turning point for me. From a future surgeon to a current surgeon, thanks for the input.
Slan go foill, (health always)Meredith

Glad you came to a decision. I hope it is the best one for you. Good luck.
Amy B

Making the decision is the hardest part! Good luck in your endeavors. Keep us posted. I had a practical major (journalism) and a not-at-all-practical-minor (Ancient Greek). Here’s the irony: my not-practical-minor may actually help me now as most scientific/medical terms are Greek in origin. I thought about double-majoring in journalism and Classics but I was on a mission to finish in 4 years and adding Classics would’ve added time on to my original college journey.
If you can handle it, definately double-major. Celtic Studies would be so interesting! How many people have that major?? That’s one thing you can talk about in your med school interviews.
P.S. Maybe I’ll take Latin at UNCG–just for fun. I’ll need a break from the science classes.

My understaning is there are three schools in the US who offer the degree. UC Berkeley, Harvard and New College in San Francisco. At Berkeley it is a small department. They seem to get a lot of students taking Celtic classes from other departments, Enviro-sci, Chemistry to name a few. There is a girl in my class double majoring in Celtic Studies and Physics. She’s Chinese, and into the fairies and mysticism. It’s an eclectic group. There are three major emphases; Irish, Welsh and Breton. My emphasis will be Irish. Every year or so they teach a dead language such as Cornish, Manx or Pict. Some of the students are pretty hard core about the subject matter. Alot go on to grad. school in the US or Europe. Bottom line I like it. The most important lesson, when I go to Ireland, I can order Guinness in Irish in a pub.

Very neat! UW-Milwaukee offers a certificate program, but not a major. Actually, my Scottish Country Dance group performed last month for the Celtic Studies student organization and taught a few simple dances. We had a blast!