I made it in!

Hey everyone! It’s been a very long time since I posted, so I’m not even sure if anyone remembers me.

I attended the 2003 OPM conference in DC and that fall I applied to Columbia’s postbacc program. Physics and General Chemistry were completed on a part-time basis and then I went full-time during the 2005-2006 school year to do Orgo, Bio, and the labs. Fear and doubt plagued me every step of the way. All of the other post-baccs seemed to have unwavering motivation and I felt alienated from them. Mostly I was overwhelming myself worrying about lifestyle issues that didn’t really come into play at that point. But I also worried a lot about whether I was “good enough” or “smart enough”. Anyway, so I didn’t take the MCAT in the Spring of 2006 because I hadn’t yet decided to apply to medical school (even though I had just completed the entire post-bacc program with relative success). Instead, after a brief research internship, I decided to get some more exposure and started working as a medical assistant for an ophthalmology practice. What became evident pretty quickly was that I worked very well with the patients and that I enjoyed doing so. One of the doctors in the practice became my cheerleader and urged me to continue on my journey and told me that I had much to contribute. Thanks to his and gonnif’s support, I ended up taking the MCAT in May of 2007 and applying for 2008 admission.

After an intense summer dealing with AMCAS I found out that I was expecting my first baby! Several months and interviews later I had my baby girl as well as several medical school acceptances.

In the end I will go back to my alma mater as it is walking distance to my mother’s apartment.

I’ll try to log in more frequently so please feel free to PM me with any questions.

All my best,


Wow! Congratulations, Hilda! I’m so happy for you!


Hi Halcyon,

Congrats on both the baby and your medical school acceptance.

I, too, have felt plagued about whether or not to progress and I realize that I need to do give it my very best. If it is not to be, then that is to be…but if I don’t at least try, the regret will kill me.

I had seen a quote on that sums my feelings up perfectly…“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” -Theodore Roosevelt



Please share with me how you managed to do medical school with a small baby. I have finally decided to take the plunge but I have a 3-month old and feel that I will be taking something away from him by being a mommy-student.

And, most of all, congrats!

Yo Hilda,

I am honored to mentioned in your post and even more so to be invited to your white coat ceremony which is next week. But I did very little to help you, just pointing out the FUD factoring (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) that hits so many OPMers. All I really did was just keep you focused on here and now in those moments of doubt of the “what if’s”.

So just every now and then in your copious free time of being a 1st year medical student with an infant child, who plays the Oboe and Bass, you can drop us a note here and let us know how you are doing.

Great story! Congrats!

I am a Daddy-Medical Student with 3 girls (7, 4, and 2). This is one of the hardest things to do. However, with planning and scheduling it gets done. I do my hard core studying from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon. Friday when I get home until Sunday afternoon is family time.

I play with the girls and my wife and we make breakfast as well. Also, I generally come home for dinner after class and before the library. Just remember, Quality not Quantity.