i miss futrfysician

Any news?

Yeah, I’ve been wondering myself what he’s been up to.
C’mon Joe, let us know how it’s going for you! biggrin.gif

he was posting the other day about the MS program he is in - guess he didn't see this msg here to reply to though - sounds like he is knee-deep in studies and loving it

I am not dead, that is right, but close. Sorry gang. Nice to know I have a fan base…LMAO!!!
I'll be writing of the program at Barry and what we doing here. It is a simulation of medical school studies and is alot of fun. It also comes with the medical school simulation of study time requirements and while I am not doing Gross, I also haven't had a consistant computer situation to communicate with everyone. That is getting ironed out once the DSL router thing finally works out the kinks.
Anyway, I will be doing a dairy you can read and see what I am doing.
No autographs please…LOL