I need help finding a physician to shadow

Hi all,

I live in NYC and I have difficulties finding a physician to shadow. I tried iLearn AOA mentor but my supposed mentor does not help much. I also tried to call some medical offices in the city. One of them told me to tell my school advisor to call them…what I did! but the registrar of my school didn’t allow her to call them. I would like to mention that my school does not offer a pre-med program, may be that’s why they refuse to act on mybehalf!!! I didn’t receive any explanation.

What do I do now ? Any advices ? experience?

Thank you

Do you know anyone who knows someone that’s a physician? Are there any physicians or health care workers in your neighborhood/church/child 's class/spouse’s job who might be willing to help you make the right connections to get some shadowing experience? Are there any free/volunteer clinic or hospital you could volunteer at to possibly meet physicians, discuss your career goals and shadow? Do you have any classmates that have shadowed or have someone lined up? Would that person be willing to let you shadow too? Does your school have any guest lectures from local physicians? You could maybe attend the lecture introduce yourself before or after, get their contact info and discuss shadowing… Have you asked your PCP or if you have kids, their pediatrician?

Sometimes it’s hard to go through your school because the registrar’s office may think that your are trying to do shadowing for credit (like an internship or something). And that would mean you have to pay tuition AND your school would need to have a formal contract or MOU with that hospital or clinic.

I came across a site doctorshadow.com, an organization called Mentoring in Medicine, and Health Leads Shadowing program. I hope this helps!

Your post is very helpful, you have many good suggestions. I discussed with my PCP, my child PCP and many other relations…nothing yet. I will also check out the website you suggested.

Thank you