I need to be realistic so give it to me straight

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure this has been asked many times before and I know the only people who can give a solid answer are the ones who decide to accept/reject your application but thought I’d get some feedback from you all anyways.

I have a poor undergrad GPA and I’ve beaten myself over it for years and continue to because I regret listening to my parents when they said college was useless and a waste of time so it shouldn’t be a priority. I started taking basic introductory science classes just to test the waters since I was always scared of not being able to do well in science courses. I currently have a 3.9 with those classes so I’ve proven to myself I am capable.

Assuming I do well in a post bacc program (let’s say 3.8-4.0), my cumulative GPA will only be a 3.0. I need to be realistic with my chances of being accepted. Do I continue or just give up at this point because my cgpa would be low even though my science GPA would likely be very high. I’m a 30 yr old career changer feeling overwhelmed because I don’t want to have done all this for nothing at the end of the day.

Call me crazy but I really don’t believe the “we view the application hostically” spiel. It could just be my anxiety believing that.

Although I am no admissions committee, nor may not be the best for the facts, but personally I think that this is your dream you should do it. I am in a similar boat, but still in my undergrad with a crappy GPA. I did not think school was for me, so I did not try for a couple of years.

That being said, if it is going to take me 10 years to get an acceptance letter, I would not change it. It may be expensive, time consuming, and sometimes feel pointless, but there is a story there. Find yours and hopefully an admissions committee will see your resilience.

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Grades and MCAT will not get you in but they will def keep you out. Also don’t blame your folks for your grades. Own it.

Google the 32 hour rule. Lots of med schools focus on your last 32 hours. Can you study and get A’s in 8 science courses?