I need to shadow! - but it is complicated

HEy, I am in the Ohio area, between Lima and Dayton. I have to do shadowing, but I am still working a full time day job. I’ll be done for winter break after 11/17/11 this year, and I need to shadow, but it needs to be somewhere farther away from where I live. I’d prefer to shadow an old premed, so, if anyone doesn’t mind, can I tag along? I can’t go too far, as it would have to be in the evenings, etc. I was hoping for an ER rotation or something!

let me know.



Since you can only be available weekends and evenings it sounds like ER is your only option.

Why the preference to shadow an OPMer? While we’re awesome, we are not so liberally sprinkled about that creating a self-imposed requirement is a good idea…

I shadowed in the ER by volunteering. There is so much restriction on what you can do while volunteering that the staff takes pity on you in your extreme boredom and lets you observe when traumas and interesting cases come in.

You can probably arrange regular shadowing by getting in touch with the volunteer office of a hospital within driving distance of you and explaining your situation. Mentioning you’re older than “average” students and know not to touch anything or say stupid things helps to get in the door, too.

OPMer’s are awesome. I guess. Well, seriously, I have some shadowing set up, and I am working on some other things, but I can’t observe close to home, because as a teacher, should one of my students come in, it becomes a violation of confidentiality/conflict of interest thing. So, I’ve got to drive and I figure, if I could get in an observation and be able to chat with an OPMer, all the better.