I need your advice on Licensing in the US

Hi everyone,
I will be attending SLSOM in Fall 2004 and I have been reading from other sites the difficulty some have as IMG’s to become licensed to practice here in the US.
I want to practice in CA and I’m confused because according to CA law, one must have attended medical school in it’s principal location for 2yrs if one is to become licensed in the state of CA. My school has campuses through affliation with other schools in Pune India and Cape Coast Ghana. What this offers to us is the flexiblity to study in different regions of the world. We choose a site and there we will be there for 2yrs to do our basic sciences the first 2yrs of medicine. Does this mean that since my schools principal location is Monrovia, Liberia and I attend school on the Pune India campus that I will not be able to become licensed in CA?

to be honest, I’m not sure anyone on this board is going to have the expertise to answer this question.
Your school owes it to you to have a good answer, though - off-shore schools that recruit U.S. students need to have answers to this stuff, or they’re not going to stay in business. I would go to the source, both the school and the California medical board, and do please share with us the answers you get - I’m sure a lot of folks will be interested.