I started Physics - Step 1

Hey everyone! I just finished my second physics 1 class and my first lab!

Wow, what it is like to be in school again. Significant digits, algebra, trig, how it is all coming back. It is interesting how after being out of school for so long, you apply thinking strategies a bit different. I feel more confident… yet, I worry about my first lab project.

The teacher said to get in groups of 3. The one guy we have in my group, totally rude, just wanted to write down the answers and leave. He was very impatient and made my first lab experience stressful. At one point, I honestly, did not see the absolute value notation around an equation and I said, we can’t have a negative… he says, do you not know what an absolute value is.

Really… wth! Well, what goes around comes around right… he screwed up 3 of our experiments, bc he was rushing on measurements. Needless to say, we were the LAST ones to leave tonight and I am concerned my lab results are not right.

I talked to the teacher and let him know that I am getting a new partner next week and that I worry about my lab work. I will have to see what happens, I have to turn in my results next week.

Next lab, if the kid sticks around, he will see the “professional, manager, no nonsense” skill come out in me, should he pull what he did tonight. His impatience will be put in check That is one leg up I have on him, experience dealing with lots of flavors of people who think they are high and might, just to make them feel small. hehe. I am not that bad:)

Anyways, yipeee for my first class and for all of us!

Talk to you all soon!

I had such a nice group of kids for my Physics I lab…yes, kids, all 3 of them were 20 But very nice, mature and knowledgeable. Now you got me worried about Physics II