I think I am changing my mind again

For the uninitiated - my diary is “What A Long Strange Trip it’s Been”

I think I am at another crossroads. I have my admission to SGU Post-Bacc deferred until July of 2015.

However, for reasons that are insane, I am on probation at work, and the first week of September, I MIGHT lose my job.

My funding for SGU STILL is not guaranteed.

I spoke to several SUNY’s in New York. They will re-admit and grant a second degree.

I am getting really scared of trying to do 43 credits in two semesters.

A private practice in Elmira wants me to join their practice. I could work 20 hours a week and take home what I take home now.

I am just wondering if I should surrender what I am doing now, move back to NY, live in Ithaca, work in Elmira, and go to SUNY Cortland for a Biology degree (and a better chance of making GOOD grades).

This choice would guarantee both funding, and the pre-reqs, but would take 5 semesters.

I could start in January.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

My recommendation is go to Elmira. While the Carib might be a faster route to START medical education it has a higher attrition rate. As is the mantra here “it’s a marathon not a race.” We retard our progress when we try to speed it up. Slow & steady & fully-funded.

Thanks Croooz!!

Decision made…see my diary…