I want to chase my dream, but Im nervous like the rest of us.

Hello OPM, I have spent a few hours reading all the posts.

About Me: I am 30 years old. I have been a working engineer since I graduated from New York Institute of Technology in 2003 with a BT in EE. Im not happy in this field and like the rest of you I now dream of practicing medicine.

My History: Working for engineering companies in the automotive, toy and now aerospace industry. My Mother and Father (divorced) are both MD’s Father (whom I don’t interact with) is a primary care, Mother (who raised me and my sister)was a pediatrician. God rest her soul, she passed in 2006 from cancer. She is my inspiration to become a doctor. I have always been interested in the medical field and she had pushed me to become one since the beginning and to this day I dont know why I didnt listen. But I am listening now.

My Questions:

  1. How do I find out what I need as pre-reqs? My engineering degree was from a technology institute and there was no requirement for BIO or CHEM. BOOOO!!

  2. Now knowing I have no BIO or Chem background, Is a Post Bach a good way to get these under my belt and will that help me study for the MCAT?

  3. Or can I take a PR course and still score well on the MCAT? But with no BIO or CHem, MED school will destroy me (that’s if i get in) Right?.

  4. Considering were all Non Traditional pre-meds, Whats the fastest route through the following process? (if my steps are wrong, please correct me) Pre-reqs (university or CC)–>MCAT–>MedSch ool–>residency–>i nternship–> Fellowship (if deciding to specialize, and as of now I want to become a pediatrician and work with children)

    I was told these would take over 10 years. Is this correct. Am I too late at my age? considering the debt I will accumulate in ratio to the time I will have to practice and live my life after Im a doctor!! Is this a smart action? Resident at 40? This is a huge life changing decision!! I’m so nervous about it, but I’m not happy where I am and i think medicine is where I should be. Please advise! I need pros and cons and I have nowhere to turn for this advise!!! Please help.



Pre-reqs (university/4-year) —> take MCAT while doing those —> apply —> wait a year —> med school —> residency (which includes the dreaded “intern” year) —> done

IF you want to specialize into something outside PCP (IM, FM, peds), then yes, fellowship is an additional 3-5 years… think it could be more for neuro or ortho surg but am unsure.

Generally speaking, it is 7 years from actual matriculation to fully licensed, attending physician (4 years med school, 3 years residency).

Welcome, btw!

First of all, Relax and calm down. No, you are NOT too old.

If you do not have a biology background or do not have many of the pre-reqs or they are old then you have a choice. 1) Do a formal Post Bacc program but this can get expensive or 2) Do a DIY post bacc and take the courses that you would need.

To the adcoms it does not make a hill of beans how you completed your pre-reqs only that you did and you excelled in them.

Once you complete these, then think about the MCAT and then think about applying. In this process there is no way you can run without learning how to stand up first.

We have a saying here at old pre meds: It’s a Marathon and Not a Sprint. and we mean this literally.

Good luck and welcome.

  • gabelerman Said:
We have a saying here at old pre meds: It's a Marathon and Not a Sprint. and we mean this literally.

Think this quote should be stickied. Too many, including myself, want to RUSH through this process... I'm learning to think step by step and not get caught up in the: oh-my-gosh-I'm-old-must-h urry-through-before-I'm-d ead thoughts.

We're not old. We're definitely not dead.

Sit up. Crawl. Stand. Walk. Jog. Run.