I was accepted to post-bacc!

I started this in another thread, but this a different topic, so…

I was accepted to my alma mater’s preprofessional studies postbach certificate program in premed!

Requirements for the cert are:


Biological Principles/lab

Gen Chem 1/lab

Gen Chem 2/lab

Organic Chem 1/lab

Organic Chem 2/lab

BioChem 1

College Physics 1/lab

College Physics 2/lab

Methods of Calc

Genetics or Molecular Genetics

Gen Microbiology/lab

Human Morphology and Function 1/lab

Human Morphology and Function 2/lab

Intro to preprofessional studies/lab (doctor Shadowing)

Premed Success (med school app class)

100 hours community service

Total of 66 hours course load (2 years full time with summers)

Also this schools works with the UM Miller school research center, so hopefully I will be able to “help”

I just had to share, thanks for reading

Congrats! That’s an important step. And hopefully a fairly fun one

AWESOME!! Grats & G’ luck!