I was told I was too old to think of med school and I am 29

Hello. I am also brand new to this site, and I am 30 years old. I will graduate with a bachelor’s of science in nursing this spring. I want to finish my pre-med prerequisite classes after I graduate and will be working as a nurse. I also question whether I am too old to get into medicine at this point in my life. I have read multiple websites that say that it is not too old. I think that it is important to really understand why you want to pursue medicine, so that when you are really stressed with classes and homework, you can remind yourself of why you are doing this. Your reasoning for your pursuit must be strong enough to last for at least a decade. I am pondering the same question myself.

@ LamarBSN12,

Your post might help you more on its own post rather than one that is over a year old.

FWIW, I’m 47. And I just had an amazing meeting with a professor who had me as a student two years ago who… and my age is not a factor as long as I don’t let it be one.

The easiest way for me to do that (for any of us) is to get the grades and MCAT score.

Hard to say a 47 year old cannot compete when I pull higher or equal GPA as admits, have equal or better MCAT, and life experience.

In your case, you’ll already be on the inside as a nurse. The caveat is how you present your situation as wanting to go from the care giving to the care deciding side of practicing medicine.

If this is your passion, then follow it as best you can!

At the suggestion of Adoc2Be, I have split this topic into a fresh “they told me I was too old”

BTW, what websites did you see where they said you were too old? I’d like to make a concerted effort to correct this misinformation.

The AAMC reports about a dozen matriculating 1st year medical students in their 50s and I believe (citation needed) that a 60 year old started Osteopathic school this year.

In the US, with current life expectancy, 30 seems like a young enough age at which to either start or finish a bachelor’s degree, post-bac or SMP and apply to medical school.

Being 31, I am entirely biased in this opinion.

I used to work at a top tier medical school with admissions (not in admissions, but supporting admissions) and trust me there are folks there your age, though I do recall the oldest student in my 3 years there being roughly early 30s.

I just turned 30 last month, and I feel like a youngin’ on this Web site. So no, you are DEFINITELY not too old.

And welcome to OPM!

OH, that I could be 29 when I started this journey… The title of your topic just made me snort laugh out loud. I started my pre-reqs at 33 (I’m 34 now) and would LOVE to be doing this at 29. But even still… I will graduate from med school about 2 weeks before I turn 40. The last time I checked, that leaves me with a LOT of years left to enjoy medicine. (Barring the unforseen, naturally.)

29? Yeeah… you’re fine!

I wouldn’t worry about being 29 or 30 and thinking about starting medical school. I am 30 years old right now and I have 3 children and we are working our way through it right now.

I interviewed at 4 different schools. Each school brought up the point of my age. I stated simply that I can be 40 doing something I didn’t like or I could be 40 doing the thing I always wanted to do… I got in at all 4 schools.

I’ll echo a previous poster and state that your age is only a factor if you let it be one.

Also, I have people 40+ and 50+ in my classes so there is no excuse, and no reason to worry about age.