I would like to introduce myself........

I am 33 and work for a major pharmaceutical company and have been in the industry for the past 9 years. I have an undergraduate degree in biology, GPA 2.5, a graduate degree in Science, GPA 3.4 and currently enrolled in an MBA program, GPA 3.7. I am married and have a 3 year old daughter. I live in Haddam, CT.
After several years of well-thought out thinking, I have decided to begin the process of entering medical and pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. I finally realized that I am mature, smart, experienced and determined to pursue this endeavor.
I have a great job right now but I am not happy and will not be until I enter medical school. Financially, we will suffer but I will begin searching for a grant to help support the household when I enter medical school.
I hope all of you can offer some support and encouragement. I will need to break the news to my husband soon since I have not told him. I will need to take the MCATs and do well and I guess following that, I will tell him. I am sure that he will be supportive.

Hi Connie,
Welcome to OPM! I am sure you will find these forums useful in your journey. You asked for support and advice and I guess my only recommendations so far are to ask many questions of these boards…and to talk to your husband sooner rather than later. If you go to medical school it will undoubtedly have a large effect on him also and involving him in the decisions will probably be pretty important in getting his support.
What kind of grant were you hoping to get? If you are intereted in Primary Care you may want to look into the NHSC Scholarships:
Best of luck :)

Hi, Connie, welcome to OPM. I hope you find your stay an enjoyable and informative one!
I just have one comment or piece of advice. If you are this serious about your committment to med school, you should talk with your husband about it NOW. Don’t wait until after the MCAT - how do you expect to study for it, anyway, if he doesn’t even know you are planning to apply? Going to med school at this stage of your life is a lot tougher than when we were single - when you go back, so does the whole family. You’ll need his support and understanding as this is a daunting challenge. I think the earlier your husband is “in the know”, the better.

Good luck and may your husband be as enthusiastic about your goals as you are.

Thanks guys. Actually, I have told him now and he is very supportive. We just have to figure a way to pay for our mortgage. ???

Excellent! Glad to hear it, DocConnie. You'll figure out a way to pay that mortgage - where there's a will, there is a way.